Ginger Fig Fizz Mocktail or Cocktail

Ginger Cocktail Recipe | Fruit Bliss

As a little girl, I remember my mom calling my sisters and me to take a break from running around under the hot summer sun. Sweating, we would dash to her, arms outstretched, knowing that she would be pouring each of us a cup of her fresh-squeezed, ice-cold lemonade. I can still remember the joy of gulping down such a thirst-quenching treat. To this day, nothing says summer like a pitcher of a refreshing, lemony beverage to be enjoyed with family and friends.

In the summer, I love to invite my friends over on a weekend afternoon, and making a pitcher of something fresh and cold to drink is part of the fun of prepping for these gatherings. Of course, now I can add alcohol and often for these soirees I do.  Sometimes I mix up a pitcher of limeade and rum or a fruit-filled sangria.

When I discovered that I could use Fruit Bliss figs as an ingredient in a fun, fizzy beverage, I decided to give a new drink a whirl.

The Ginger Fig Fizz, which can be spiked with vodka or served up virgin, is a perfect elixir on a hot summer’s day and a great alternative to my other go-to drinks. The Fruit Bliss figs offer a fresh sweetness that pairs well with crisp ginger and bitter lemon. And the vodka, well, it turns this drink into a can’t-miss party pleaser.

Along with the Ginger Fig Fizz I serve up a cheese plate that consists of Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam, an organic milk triple cream cheese, along with an aged gouda for some bite and hardness, water crackers, and small bowls of Fruit Bliss dates, figs, apricots and nuts.

When I put the cheese plate, nuts, and a pitcher of the Ginger Fig Fizz in front of my guests, it is time for me to relax and enjoy my company.  As the sun starts to set, and the heat of the day subsides, the stage is set for a lovely evening ahead.

Ingredients for 1 Pitcher

6 ounces dried figs, halved with stems removed
¼ cup water
juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon
½ inch piece of fresh ginger, chopped
1/8 cup of maple syrup
1 liter soda water
more lemon, for garnish (optional)
1 cup of vodka (optional)
1-2 cups ice


1. Puree the figs with the water, lemon juice, ginger, and maple syrup until you have a smooth puree. You can store this mixture in the fridge for a couple of days, so don’t be afraid to make this ahead of time.

2. Mix the puree with the soda water and vodka, if you are using it.
3. Chill for an hour and then add ice and lemon slices to garnish